Missy Chase Lapine is a New York Times bestselling cookbook author and certified as The Functional Health Coach™, working with Gary H. Goldman, MD, one of the top functional medicine doctors in NYC. Missy is also certified in culinary medicine and chef coaching by Harvard Medical School. Missy’s mission is to help people optimize their health, prevent illness, and live a balanced, energized life.

In her private practice, she coaches clients to end cravings and sugar addiction, boost energy, reduce anxiety, design delicious meals, and achieve their optimal weight and highest health goals. Missy also supports the road to recovery for patients with chronic conditions like arthritis and auto-immune issues, and she helps people break the sugar and processed food habit so they can reduce inflammation and resulting aches and pains.

Missy is also the founder of The Sneaky Chef® cookbook series and products. Missy’s unique and creative method of recipe development has earned her the title of Top 20 Most Influential Moms in Food (Daily Meal).

Missy loves to nourish her family and friends, husband, Rick, and children, Emily and Sam.